The lecture topics and lecturers have not yet been decided.  If you are interested in lecturing, please describe the lecture series that you would like to give when you register.  Lecture series should be of order 6 hours, and may be distributed between multiple lecturers.   Lectures will be aimed at graduate students and postdocs with a general theoretical physics background, and not at people who work on black holes.  They should be extremely pedagogical, more so than the lectures for example at Modave.  In particular the first few hours of each lecture series should include the most basic fundamentals of the field, including things that graduate students should know already.   Except for informal lectures after midnight, lectures should not cover the research of the lecturers.  Lecturers are encouraged to provide lecture notes before the beginning of the school, preferably by the end of May so that they may be copied and distributed.  It is unlikely that a projector will be available, so all lectures should be on a blackboard.  Plenty of time will be reserved for questions/discussion, there will be no limit placed on the number of questions that may be asked after each talk.

Lecture series:


Chethan Krishnan (SISSA): Quantum Field Theory and Black Holes


Gaston Giribet (Buenos Aires):  Black hole physics and AdS3/CFT2 correspondence. This would include: Black hole physics in three-dimensional massive gravity, applications to four-dimensions (i.e. Kerr/CFT correspondence) and other topics (e.g. Lifshitz black holes).


Dieter Van den Bleeken (Rutgers): BPS black holes and the attractor mechanism

Mario Pasquato (Pisa): Intermediate mass black holes - observational challenges

Malcolm Fairbairn (King's College):  Cosmology, Astrophysics and Astrophysical Black Holes

Midnight seminars:

Raffaele Savelli (SISSA): D7-branes and F-theory


Antonio Pasqua (Manchester): The contamination of the foreground emissions on the CMB data